Our guide for a flawless check-in for the conference.

Getting to the Venue

The bcc is at Alexanderplatz and very easy to get to. 'How to get to the bcc.'.



The check-in entrance is on the left side under the mosaic. Once you have your badge, you will be able to use the front doors to enter and exit the bcc.

Following are the instructions on the check-in process, luggage, and cloakroom (below).

Early Check-In on Sunday

Most participants will arrive on Monday morning. To reduce queuing on Monday, we offer early badge collection on Sunday. If you are already in Berlin on Sunday, we recommend that you take advantage of the early check-in. It will significantly improve the check-in experience on Monday if more people took advantage of the early check-in 😉


15:00 - 18:00 early registration / badge pick-up at the venue for all attendees.

Check-In process

Wear your mask when entering the building.

First we check 3G status
  • If you have used our proof of vaccination pre-check-in: please present your ID
  • If you meet 2G: please present your vaccination certificate and your ID
  • If you have official rapid test, please present the test result and your ID
  • Health Regulations for the Conference

Once we have passed the 3G check you will be handed a wristband. Please wear this wristband during the conference. Along with the conference badge the wristband is required to enter the venue.


  • 2G will need to check in once only,
  • rapid test we need to check on a daily basis
Badge pick-up
  • Proceed to the registration desk
  • Badges are ordered alphabetically by FIRST name. Please check the signs where to que up
  • There is only one collection point for all badges. There are no separate collection points for speakers or sponsors.
  • Please present your ID to pick up your badge, students please present your student ID

The registration desk is open:

  • Sunday 15:00-18:00
  • Monday 09:00-17:00
  • Tuesday 08:30-17:00
  • Wednesday 08:30-12:00
T-Shirt pick-up

If you have pre-ordered a T-Shirt with your ticket, please proceed to the T-Shirt pick up

The T-Shirt pick up is nearby the registration desk.

Opening Times

  • Sunday 15:00-18:00 open 🎉👕
  • Monday 09:00-12:00 CLOSED!
  • Monday 12:00-17:00 open 🎉👕
  • Tuesday 08:30-12:00 CLOSED!
  • Tuesday 12:00-17:00 open 🎉👕
  • Wednesday 08:30-12:00 open 🎉👕
  • Wednesday 12:00-17:00 CLOSED!

NO luggage inside the bcc, use the luggage station outside

Please note that due to tight security restrictions the conference venue, bcc, can only be accessed with a maximum of one piece of luggage with a capacity of less than 10 liter! NO luggage can be stored in the conference venue!

We therefore provide free luggage storage outside the venue with a capacity of 200 pieces, where you can safely store your luggage. If required, you can make a free reservation for luggage storage in advance on our ticket page. For Sunday no reservation is required for early check-in, you may drop off your luggage while picking up your badge.


  • Please leave your luggage at your accommodation if possible
  • Please book a free reservation for your luggage in advance, if it is not possible or too inconvenient for you to leave your accommodation.
  • In case you no longer require please cancel your reservation (open your ticket link, click view/edit. At the bottom right is a red cancel button )


The cloakroom is across the registration desk inside the bcc. The cloakroom service is free of charge.

Seat Reservations for Tutorials

Seats in the tutorial rooms are limited. Please see our post on how to reserve your spot.

Social Event

We recommend collecting access wristbands for the social event at the venue upfront. We will announce more details soon.