Tickets for Social Event out now!

We're happy to announce that this year's social dinner will take place on April 12th (Tuesday), 7pm at Weltwirtschaft, right next to the chancellery. Weltwirtschaft is part of the cultural center 'Haus der Kulturen der Welt', one of Berlin's most iconic buildings, hosting speeches of both John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. The restaurant is specialized on serving seasonal, regional food and excellent pizza in a sustainable way, with a wonderful view onto the river Spree.

This year's dinner is generously sponsored by Anaconda, which is why the tickets are on sale now for only 10€. When buying the ticket you can also participate in the raffle for 2 tickets for PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2023, just check the box.

Social event is for conference attendees only. Attendees can buy additional tickets to bring along partners & friends. Please bring your badge to the event.

We're looking forward to a wonderful relaxed evening!

Buy tickets here!

Health Provisions for the Social Event

Please be aware that at the social event there will be no health-related restrictions (i.e. no testing, vaccination etc. or masks required). This has two reasons:

  • all conference participants already have to stick to the 3G rules, so controls would be redundant (except for the few guests which don't attend the conference)
  • controls would be an additional effort for organizers and volunteers since we cannot ask the Weltwirtschaft to do it, as all health-related restrictions in gastronomy have been lifted

That being said, we recommend to follow 3G, wearing masks while walking indoors and staying at home when not feeling well. If you would like to return your social event ticket for this reason you can do so following instructions here until Monday, 2pm.