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Hitchikers' Guide for Speakers

Guidelines and specific information for speakers:

  • getting your speaker ticket
  • presenting at the conference
  • not sure if you will make it? or make it in person?
  • changes to your proposal

Speaker Tickets

Speaker tickets are exclusively for the speakers themselves, and are not re-assignable.
Claim your personal, non-transferable ticket via the link you have received by email.
If you haven't received the email, check your spam ;) and contact the helpdesk via program22[at]pycon(dot).de.

In Case You Have a Ticket Already You May:
  • assign it to a colleague
  • return it AASP, just email: tickets22[at]pycon(dot)de
  • donate it to financial support, email to berlin22[at]pycon.(dot).de.

Presenting at the Conference


All talk length are including 5-10 minute suggested Q&A. Please never exceed your talk time.


We will use slido to collect questions from the remote and in-person audience,
the speaker chair will manange the questions received from the audience.

Session Chair

There will always be a session chair to announce you and moderate Q&A.
The chair will also assist you if you require help e.g. in case there are technical difficulties.

Tech Set-Up


Please check your euipment in the room where you will present earlier to make sure everything is compatible.
You must show up 10 minutes before your presentation to be microphoned with the head-set.


Please bring your own laptop to present.

Presentations / Projectors

All projectors support 16:9 full HD. Please make sure to bring an HDMI adapter for your laptop with you.

Recording / Streaming

All talks and tutorials will be streamed live via our remote platform and released later on our YouTube channels.

We will exclusively use head-sets as microphones as they will provide the best quality for recording and streaming.

We would like to ask you to remain standing at the speaker desk and not move around too much. This important for the recoding.
If you want to highlight something on the slides, please consider using a laser pointer.

After Your Presentation

We need to make room for the next speaker of clear the room for the breaks (so the technicalns can have a break, too).
Please do leave the speaker desk directly. Continue any discussions with the audience not at the speaker desk but outside the room.


The conference language is English only.
We encourage everyone to use a gender-neutral language,
here are some guidelines.

There are some good examples in the EU guidelines, starting at page 10.

If you have speaker related questions or need assistance, please check the FAQs first.

In case your need help, contact program22[at]pycon(dot).de.

Not Sure if You Will Make it to the Conference?

In case something comes up or in case of unexpected delays (e.g. visa), please do keep us in the loop proactively, so we can prepare potential backup. This also applies if you might need to switch to remote.

Remote Speakers

All remote talk will take place in the same room, and we need to plan the schedule accordlingly early.
We will contact you directly with more details and the setup and update this page accordingly.

Changing Your Proposal

Accepted proposal can be refined by the speakers. Log into pretalk and visit this link: