Call for Proposals

We are happy to report we received exactly 300 submissions:

  • 194 30-minute talks
  • 63 45-minute talks
  • 43 90-minute tutorials

Thanks to everyone that contributed a submission to our conference. Great work! 🚀

According to our current plannings [tbc] we will have:

  • 18 90-minute tutorials
  • 84 30/45-minute talks

Community Voting

Thanks to everyone that particpated in the voting! 🙏

In total we received 29.705 votes during the five days the voting was open.


Some community members reviewed all or almost all proposals. great job - thank you so much for your dedication.🙏🚀



The review team is currently reviewing all proposals. The reviews team cannot not see who submitted the prosoal.

In view of the large number of applications to be processed, we had to postpone the date for notifying the speakers for a few days. Updated milestone below.

We will notify all speakers if their proposal was accepted or not. You may also log into pretalx to check the status, sometimes emails do get lost in spam.

Important Dates (updated)
  • 2022-01-31 first acceptance notices to speakers
  • 2022-02-01 publish first batch of accepted talks
  • 2022-02-09 remaining notices of acceptance or rejection to speakers
  • 2022-02-19 publish second batch of accepted talks
  • 2022-02-21 publish schedule