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In this talk I will show you, that TDD is in fact not a process for testing, but a helpful way of developing, taking away a lot of the annoying "lets open the application and see if this still works" part of development.

After this talk you will know how to apply TDD to your workflow and use it to your benefit. We will clean up the popular misconception, that TDD is a technique for testing and will have a working prototype at the end.

Torsten Zielke

Affiliation: moguru GmbH

I worked myself up from being a school dropout and living in the streets for half a year. Now I have experience working in science (Max Planck Institute), Insurance, as a Coach and Freelancer. Due to my lack of economic and sales knowledge I also had two unsuccesful startups, which were either unsuccesful or where poached from me (since then I read always the whole contract ;) ).

This will be my first talk at a conference, though, but I've spoken on several meetups in the past (before covid).

After 10 years of learning in this industry and some failing I'm pretty sure, that I can give some of my knowledge to others to help them be more productive and have more fun in programming.