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We often refer to Python as a "simple, executable pseudo-code" language. Such statements appear in books, tutorials and all over the Internet. But after junior developers join their first full-time job they are welcomed by protocols, decorators, context managers, metaclasses and rest of the "real Python" shenanigans. During my talk I will cover top-10 Python complexities and how they are required to fight the "software complexity problem" in big projects.

Grigory Petrov

Affiliation: Evrone

Full-time software developer since the late nineties. Was involved in such software projects as Radmin, Advanced IP Scanner, NPTV, Voximplant. A frequent conference and meetup speaker with main areas of interest in software development management and cross-platform development. Works full-time as a DevRel at Evrone, a custom software development and digital artworks company.

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