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Zig is a relatively new but promising language for writing performant Python libraries for those cases in which "Pure Python" simply can't go fast enough. In its stated goal as a "better C", Zig can directly import types, variables, functions and macros from C. In this talk we'll demonstrate the kind of speed ups that are possible when calling the Python C API from Zig, and the packaging issues that need to be solved for libraries that use Zig "under the hood", demonstrating a pip installable library that improves performance of the current status-quo.

Adam Serafini

Affiliation: Delivery Hero

I am a software engineer based in Berlin specialising in Python backend development. I've worked on >1 million LoC Django monoliths, asyncio microservices and everything in between. In my day job, I'm a Principal Engineer for Delivery Hero developing our customer support and chat systems in Python.

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