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Objects are at the heart of the magic of Python. Their 125+ magic methods hide the complexity of the underlying engine and cover it with a layer of syntactic sugar to create Python’s beautifully simple syntax.

Discover how Python stores everything and lets you manipulate it with ease. What happens when you add two numbers or create a new string? How can you create new object types which behave just like the built in types likes integers?

As a professional Python trainer I love explaining the inner workings of Python. Understanding objects and their magic methods will give you a whole new box of tricks.

Learn to create context managers, iterators and other types of powerful objects.

There will be plenty of simple code examples and maybe even some live coding.

This talk will be suitable for experienced Python developers.

New developers are very welcome too. There may be a lot of new information for you, although I will be using simple terms where possible and you should get plenty from this talk.

Coen de Groot

I am a freelance Python developer and trainer, with many years experience.

I help my clients make better use of their data, give their customers a better experience, live better locally and more sustainably, raise more money for charity, write better Python code and other worthwhile stuff.

For fun I write more Python code – for game jams, language learning and reproducing my favourite board games.

Over 30 years in IT I’ve worked with a lot of different clients and technologies.

My favourite language is Python. Its clean syntax allows me to concentrate on the task at hand, instead of struggling with the language.

I deliver Python training for Learning Tree International and create training materials for others, such as five 90-minute Python videos APress, a large IT publishing company

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