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The question - “how to become a successful data scientist?” is often discussed in conferences like these. Today I would like to address a second level question. How to make the success scale? How to build a DS team in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? In this talk, I will share lessons learned during my 4 years as data science team & group leader on how to build a DS team that prospers while addressing the unique challenges of leading such a team. We will discuss how to create the setting for a DS to grow and research while driving winning results for the organization. I will share our AI playbook that enables us to select the right projects to maximize our value and to collaborate with our partners most effectively to bring them to production. In addition we will discuss the importance of communication with upper management and how to do it right.

Shir Meir Lador

Affiliation: Intuit

Shir is a Data Science group manager at Intuit, a global leader in the industry of financial management software. Additionally, Shir is the co-founder of PyData Tel Aviv meetups, the co-host of “Unsupervised” (a podcast discussing data science in Israel), WiDS Tel Aviv ambassador and gives talks at various machine learning and data science conferences and meetups.

Shir Meir Lador holds an M.Sc. in electrical engineering and computers with a major in machine learning and signal processing from Ben-Gurion University.

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