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Python 3.10 is the newest version of the language with a two-digit minor version change since the last release, and with this release, a new way of thinking about programming was brought to the Python language - Pattern Matching.

After briefly checking how the situation was before 3.10, we will dig into how to use Pattern Matching in different scenarios. We will show examples of how to define matches on simple and more complex data types, such as dictionaries and objects. We will also understand how to use guards, and how to build composable patterns.

By the end of this talk, you will be surprised how simple, yet powerful, Pattern Matching really is. This talk and you, it is a match!

Laysa Uchoa

Affiliation: Aiven

Developer Advocate at Aiven, Python Developer and Pyladies Munich Organizer. I I believe that technology can make the world more democratic and just better - let's contribute to this.

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