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IPC and Synchronization techniques using Python will be explained in this tutorial. We will learn how to pass messages to processes using Queue and Pipes, Share data between processes using Shared Memory, effectively use synchronization primitives like lock, event, condition and semaphore.

Process Based Parallelism (10 mins.)

  • Brief Overview of Process Management in Linux
  • Introduction to multiprocessing module

Communication Between Processes (15 mins.)

  • Queue, Pipe, Named Pipe

Sharing Data Between Processes (15 mins.)

  • Shared Memory
  • Server Process (Manager) Parallelizing the execution of a function across multiple input values (Data parallelism using pool of worker processes)

Synchronization Primitives (20 mins)

  • Lock
  • Condition
  • Event
  • Semaphore

Solving an assignment (30 mins.)

Tanmoy Bandyopadhyay

Affiliation: Capgemini

I am reasonably skilled in Python, C programming and using machine learning Api’s. I have a good understanding of computer science subjects like Operating System, Data Structures, Computer Networks, Compiler etc.

Currently I work as a Program Manager in a multinational software company. I am a post graduate in Computer Sc. / Information Technology and based out of Kolkata, India.