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Sankey plots can be seen more and more in newspapers, magazines, and dashboards (e.g. visualizing election voter flow). This talk will give an introduction about the origin of Sankey plots, how they are used and when they should be used (or should not be used!). We will examine different Python libraries that can be used to create Sankey plots and give practical examples, show common pitfalls and compare the pros and cons of the different libraries. In the end, we will see some good and bad examples of Sankey plots that you can use in practice.

Daniel Ringler

Affiliation: DB Systel

I studied Business Informatics and Data and Web Science in Mannheim before working as a Data Science Consultant for a few years. Now, I'm a Data Scientist at DB Systel in Berlin and mainly work with Python. My passions are visualization and music. I am part of PyData Berlin since 2018.

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