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This will be a functional talk to present JupyterLite with concrete examples and live demos.

There is already good content and materials online, and a blog post has been published on the Jupyter blog:

The structure of the presentation is as follows:

  • Introduction and History
    • Jyve, p5-notebook, Basthon
  • Easy interactive computing in the browser
    • Lightweight Jupyter Frontend running in the browser
    • Deployment and scalability made easy
  • JupyterLite and RetroLite

    • Combine Offline Notebook storage in browser (localStorage or IndexedDB) with server files
    • Support for saving settings for JupyterLab/Lite core and federated extensions
    • Session and kernel management to have multiple kernels running on the page at the same time
    • Support for Code Consoles
    • Additional display languages like French, Simplified Chinese and many others
    • Built-in JupyterLab Themes and third-party (prebuilt) themes
    • Boots in seconds
  • Features

    • Pyolite, the Python kernel powered by Pyodide, is shipped by default
    • IPython
    • Interactive visualizations
    • Jupyter Widgets
  • Xeus Lite
    • Xeus powered kernels with WebAssembly
    • xeus-lua for the Lua programming language
    • xeus-wren for the Wren programming language
  • Share Files Easily
  • Real Time Collaboration
  • The Jupyter(Lite) Server(Lite)
    • provides in-browser equivalents of much of jupyter_server and jupyterlab_server
    • customizable with pre-built server extensions
  • Use Cases
    • Education: easy access to computing environment without the trouble of installing anything
    • Data Protection
    • Build your own static frontend
    • Easy to embed and deploy
  • Up Next
    • More xeus-based kernels
    • Improved Wasm package management with conda-forge
    • Reducing the load on public services like

Jeremy Tuloup

Affiliation: QuantStack

Jeremy Tuloup is a Technical Director at QuantStack and a Jupyter Distinguished Contributor. Maintainer and contributor of JupyterLab, JupyterLite, Voilà, and many projects within the Jupyter ecosystem.

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